The Glider is an electric scooter with a hub motor and swappable batteriess. It is the confluence of our hardware mastery, our software expertise, and our never-ending ambition to provide smarter urban transportation.

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How much it cost?
INBOARD nailed the electric skateboard with their M1 model, and is now taking on the electric scooter market with a hot looking product. Swappable batteries, hub motor, compact design - this thing looks amazing.
@kristofertm This is totally Cool. What draws me in is the simplicity of the design. It looks very Elegant
@kristofertm "Nailed the electric skateboard"??? I thought the board was so bad I returned mine for a refund. It was absolutely miserable to ride.
@magnuson Wow. I wonder if you just had a lemon. I've ridden my friends more than a few times and think it's great. He's been happy with it as well
like folding

Glider is a first representative of a second generation of electric kick scooters, and it doesn't disappoint at all. It uses all the learnings from 2016-2018 eScooter craze to make a big step forward.

Waiting for reviews.


1) Swappable battery

2) MUCH MUCH MUCH more powerful motor

3) New lights


Brake cable is outside