The Glider

Clean the outside of a window from the inside

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I love how at 0.20 she climb the on the roof with high heels
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@mrdobelina LOL. You're right. She looks super unsteady walking on the roof... also happens to be wearing high heals. Too funny
Magnets. They're magic.
Dont get me wrong, but my parents bought the same like 20 years ago
I like a nice clean window, and ~ once/month I use a screw driver to fold in my windows here in NYC to windex the outside and it's a big pain. I thought to myself, I wish there was some magnetic device that would let me reach out the window and connected the 2, and then clean the outside at the same time as I clean the inside. A google search later, The Glider! I can't wait to try this out.
@kristofertm this reminds me of those aquarium cleaners 🐠🐟
@gabriel__lewis Yes! I think thats the first time I saw this concept
I use this - great care must be used to move it slowly - but not too slowly, across the window. It falls off the glass a lot, so anchoring the tether is essential. If they added ball bearings to the mechanism it might glide better across the glass.
@satloff have you been using it regularly or is it one of those products we buy because it looks valuable early on but eventually ends in the basement?
@abhineetsays I use it about once per quarter on office windows. Thus far it has stayed out of the basement.