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Hemanth.HMFullstack dev
[ "Do what you'd rather be doing.", "Go outside and take a walk.", "Flip through an old sketchbook.", "Try again.", "Reframe errors as hidden intentions.", "Do the thing nobody has done.", "Schedule some fun.", "Create a safe space.", "Reframe the narrative.", "Treat play as research.", "Where do your ideas overlap?", "What does the data say?", "Face the reality of the situation.", "Race the clock for 10 minutes.", "Tidy your workspace.", "Stop waiting.", "Make a list.", "How did you get here?", "Make the loudest thing quiet.", "Put pen to paper.", "Write down all of your ideas.", "Map it all out.", "Be a copycat.", "Surrender to uncertainty.", "Reduce complexity.", "Discard formulas and recipes.", "Forget perfect.", "Cut the 'yes' men.", "Embrace silence.", "Ask 3 people what they think.", "How can you simplify?", "Consider the order of things.", "Quiet your mind.", "Start over.", "Start with a small bet.", "Revisit an old idea.", "Have you made any changes yet?", "Everyone drink now." ]
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Joe RobinsonOrganizer, Designers + Geeks
"Hey folks, I found this fun little side project that someone created to help motivate & inspire people. I thought it was simplistic so trolled them by copying their data and posting it publicly. Product design is overrated." - @gnumanth
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Amanda Phingbodhipak
Design Strategist, Capital One Labs
@jasonshen thanks for posting this! I originally created the print version of The Genius Deck when I was founding a science and design organization during my TED Residency. A friend who used it to ideate on his social good projects suggested I create a digital version. I had a bunch of fun building this digital version of the Deck, and I really hope this tool helps people tap into their own creative genius. Oh, and if you're thinking about shipping something new in 2017, we're running another round of Ship Your Side Project starting in January 2017. Learn more at http://shipyoursideproject.com.
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Jason Shen
CEO, Midgame: voice sidekick for gamers
@alonglastname has created the modern day version of Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies cards — a pack of 50 thought-provoking questions, ideas, and suggestions that you can use when you're stuck on something to get out of your rut and see things from a new perspective. Try it the next time you're having trouble with a blog post or a piece of code. The site gives you a sample of the full deck, which is available for purchase in printed format as well.
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Greg Worrall
Building something new 🌱
@jasonshen @alonglastname Big fan of The Genius Deck & Eno's Oblique Strategies, so much so that I built a tiny chrome extension a month or so back and posted it on here: https://www.producthunt.com/post...
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