The Game Quantum

The chain reaction game about saving Quantum space on iOS.

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Vinod Ponmanadiyil
Vinod Ponmanadiyil@pxy · Founder, Intign Analytics
This is a pretty neat game. My 8 year old son likes it. Should try the online mode further.
AjitHunter@4jit · Professional questioner of everything
The Game Quantum is a competitive turn-based game set against beautiful and minimalist visual design with soothing handcrafted audio. The core mechanic centers around an easy to learn yet difficult to master turn based strategy that allows you to deploy electrons to achieve increasingly more elaborate chain reactions. Your aim is to neutralize your enemies in the unstable environmental conditions of Quantum battles. As a player, you will progress through 22 carefully set achievements unlocking the Quantum scientists as you battle opponents across the world in the quest to become the ultimate Quantum master! Quantum features a never seen before online mode that allows players to play up to 6 games simultaneously with dynamic and unique real-time updates of the player. An offline mode was created solely to let you battle on the same device.
Pratik Luharuka
Pratik Luharuka@pratikluharuka · Founder Pixel Drop
Hey guys, Pratik here – the founder of Pixel Drop (the company behind The Game Quantum). Happy to answer anyone's questions about the game :) Thanks!