The Fridge

Manage your family's schedules and activities

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Lewis@lewii · Product Maker, Drone Enthusiast, Cyclist
I'd love to see this appear on Android!
Dion Guagliardo
Dion GuagliardoMaker@googs1000 · Founder, The Fridge
@lewii certainly in our plans, but probably 3-6 months away.
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
Baby steps... Jut about got my dad to get an iPhone, trying to push emoji's on him. Maybe we should try something productive like this
Dion Guagliardo
Dion GuagliardoMaker@googs1000 · Founder, The Fridge
@bentossell my own parents recently got iPhones and now use The Fridge as their primary calendar, to-do list etc. they like it because it's simple but functional. Would love to hear feedback if your dad ends up using it.
alan jones
alan jonesHunter@bigyahu · Mentor, BlueChilli & Startmate
Yes, it's possible for tech-savvy family members to manage a young family's schedules and activities using iCloud Calendar, Google Calendar, Dropbox, etc. But TheFridge makes it all very simple, accessible from the one app, and designed specifically for a family's needs.
jamey merkel
jamey merkel@jameymerkel · Chief Evangelist,
I know I need this. My families fridge is too crowded with notes!
Sercan Lir
Sercan Lir@sercanlir · Birthday Box, Co-founder
Another problem solved. Who are the makers? I would love to get in contact. Sercan
@sercanlir Makers are :)