The Fridge

Manage your family's schedules and activities



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Lewis@lewii · Product Maker, Drone Enthusiast, Cyclist
I'd love to see this appear on Android!
Dion Guagliardo
Dion GuagliardoMaker@googs1000 · Founder, The Fridge
@lewii certainly in our plans, but probably 3-6 months away.
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Services for startups
Baby steps... Jut about got my dad to get an iPhone, trying to push emoji's on him. Maybe we should try something productive like this
Dion Guagliardo
Dion GuagliardoMaker@googs1000 · Founder, The Fridge
@bentossell my own parents recently got iPhones and now use The Fridge as their primary calendar, to-do list etc. they like it because it's simple but functional. Would love to hear feedback if your dad ends up using it.
alan jones
alan jonesHunter@bigyahu · Mentor, BlueChilli & Startmate
Yes, it's possible for tech-savvy family members to manage a young family's schedules and activities using iCloud Calendar, Google Calendar, Dropbox, etc. But TheFridge makes it all very simple, accessible from the one app, and designed specifically for a family's needs.
jamey merkel
jamey merkel@jameymerkel · Chief Evangelist,
I know I need this. My families fridge is too crowded with notes!
Sercan Lir
Sercan Lir@sercanlir · Birthday Box, Co-founder
Another problem solved. Who are the makers? I would love to get in contact. Sercan
@sercanlir Makers are :)