The French Lunchbox

One lunchbox recipe delivered to you every week

#3 Product of the DayMarch 08, 2015
I have always been frustrated by the food apps dedicated to recipes - often web-based experience adapted to mobile, which don't fit a mobile usage. So we build The French Lunchbox as a mobile-first and habit-forming experience. You get a new recipe for your lunchbox once a week. This first version is super simple and aims to create a community of people who share our pleasure for French lunch! Recipes are effortless and made out of seasonal ingredients you can find in any groceries. My sister and I can't wait for your feedback. The first recipe is a Croque Monsieur with Cheezy Béchamel Sauce! Bon Appétit :)
@solenema Such a good idea! Ca a l'air très bon :)
Great idea! Unfortunately, the app crashes on my iPhone 5S with iOS 7.1.2 when I try to access the recipe. :(
@pierrickgt Thanks for the notice! You should not ne able to download the app with iOS7 because we don't support it! gonna change this, sorry! Why don't you upgrade?
@solenema cause I don't want my phone to get slow with a bunch of functionalities I don't really need. That being said, I'm sure I will have to update at some point...
@solenema @pierrickgt But you're missing out on Meerkat!
@solenema @harryraymond I know! I can still watch the feeds curated on online platforms like Meerkat Streams.
I'm a recipe and cooking guy so installing it now. Looking forward to seeing what you suggest.
@golocalapps great! Let me know what you think! What are your favorite recipes app?
@solenema for recipe tracking, I've been using Copy Me That (hunted here a while back). I don't use many apps for recipe suggestions (other than a few we developed ourselves) but do a lot of recipe discovery online. Yours will be one of the first apps I've added specifically for recipe discovery. I'm constantly adding new new recipes to test. A project app I did last year and sorta abandoned (and need to refresh) was The Wine Butler that reviews wines and matches them with a cheese and recipe. Best part of that app is being able to eat and drink and call it work.
@golocalapps Thanks for sharing this! I love the Wine Butler idea. Keep me posted if you refresh it.
@solenema Will do. I just got sucked into so many other things, and really pairing wines w cheese and food takes more time than people may think. But its a lot of fun when i'm doing it (and lets me write off part of our food and wine budget every month.)
Gorgeous and simple design Solene. Well done. Full-screen photos seem to be gaining more popularity.
Trying right now - just moved to NYC and have been looking for something more unique than Seamless! Great timing - oh et je suis francais alors ca aide aussi!