The Freelancer's Journey is a free 6-part video course that teaches you how to succeed as a freelance web designer. Learn how to grow your freelance career with confidence — from getting high-paying clients to building, designing, and launching their websites.
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Vlad Magdalin
CEO @ Webflow
Heya hunters! 👋 I’m super excited to announce that today we’re launching a brand new, completely free, comprehensive course that teaches you how to succeed as a freelance web designer. The course covers every step of the typical freelancing journey – from getting clients to building completely custom sites in Webflow. It’s always been Webflow’s mission to empower designers and businesses with complete creative control, and this new course extends that mission by providing creatives with the support, guidance, and resources they need to build out fulfilling and successful freelancer careers. In this course, you’ll learn how to land high-paying clients – even without a previous portfolio. You’ll learn how to create standout proposals, how to price your work, and how to communicate with clients to establish trust and authority. You’ll also learn valuable content strategy skills, design principles, and the ability to design, build, and launch a professional custom client website. And best of all, you’ll laugh your face off while learning because we’ve infused these videos with so much humor that it literally hurts sometimes. So what are you waiting for? No matter who you are or where you’re starting from, this course is for you – go enroll now!
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Andrew Tye
Trying to make things people want
@callmevlad Looks really cool!
It's a masterpiece of work, not only is the content top quality, the production is next level! I can never stop learning even as seasoned freelancer of six years, and this course so far has given me some great direction and new ideas. Thank you!
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Duncan Hamra
Designer, MemberStack
Excellent work! If this is half as good as the Webflow University lessons, it's going to be incredibly valuable! No doubt - If I was still freelancing I'd be all over this.
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I mean can this get any more F R E S H? I don't think so. Completely amazing; this is next level stuff; so excited about this and happy to see something like this come out of the wonderful world of Webflow!
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Shivam DewanDesign Guy. Product Guy
This is amazing @Vlad! Thanks 😻
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