The Freelancer Planner (Kickstarter)

Get your business back in order. Earn more, stress less.

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I created the Freelancer Planner based on a few things. Freelancing is on the rise (34% of the US workforce is now freelancing to some extent) and it's only going to keep rising, but I noticed that so many of my fellow freelancers are disorganized and struggle with making their business a priority. Issues like that are what helped contribute to me getting super burned out towards the end of 2013 and getting a job. When I went back to freelancing in 2014, I was determined not to make the same mistakes, so I hacked together a planner-tracking-productivity set of tools that kept me on track. The Freelancer Planner is the result of that, combined with several years of feedback/refinement on printable planners I've sold at my site since 2011 and my own research/experience into what helps people work better. What most other planners have in common is that they basically give you a space to write things down, and that's it. They can be well designed and nice to look at, but most of them don't actually change the way you work. The Freelancer Planner, on the other hand, is designed to train you to work better as you use it. It doesn't just give you a space to write things down, it helps you figure out what actually needs to be written down and where it should go in your week/workday and why. (Happy to go into more details about that, too - just didn't want this comment to get ungodly long!) As we move more and more towards a flexible gig-economy that relies on freelancers, it’s absolutely crucial that freelancers learn how to be good business owners as well as talented designers (or writers, etc.). It’s my hope that the Freelancer Planner can help with that. Happy to answer any questions!
That weekly page alone had me in grateful sobs! Exactly what is important for a freelancer, since it’s so easy to put your own business side of things on the backburner or forget about it or do it in the middle of the night with red-rimmed eyes and a manic facial expression.
@thegrumpygirl Thank you! That's exactly why I made it and why it's structured the way it is - as freelancers, we tend to put client work as the top priority 100% of the time. Which sounds good in theory, but in reality it leads to burnout. If you're booking yourself to (or over) capacity without leaving room for marketing, admin work, biz dev, etc. then you'll keep getting stuck in the feast or famine cycle.
Congrats on the funding! Love this product, we've talked to so many freelancers who struggle with these problems and it's really cool to see someone who's dealt with those problems first hand coming up with a real world solution.
@andrewaskins Thanks Andrew, I'm psyched to get the planners printed and send 'em out!