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Why lone wolves should talk with other lone wolves.

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Vanessa Colina
Vanessa Colina@vcolinau · UX Designer and Illustrator
I know this falls more into goal-setting and productivity, but I wanted to share my only experience with forming a mastermind group. I made the mistake of scheduling too many things to accomplish in a week, trying to go from 0 to 100 in a week. Thinking back, one of the main things I would do differently is to schedule one actionable thing to accomplish starting out, and how I'm going to execute it in a week.
Danielle LeComte
Danielle LeComte@danielle_lecomte
Nice episode. I have tried mastermind groups in the past but there were always either too many people, or we were too different of a group. Love the tips on forming a smaller group with similar businesses and/or challenges. Thanks Paul!