The Freelancer - How to market yourself

You've got to wear the marketing hat when you work for yours

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I'm digging the new podcast section on PH. Mostly because I have a few podcasts :) The freelancer is my solo show where I talk about the business of freelancing and answer questions folks ask on the subject. Got something you'd like to talk about on the show? Let me know here.
@pjrvs Enjoy your Sunday dispatches, and great to see that you're pursuing a podcast. Curious to see how the two will evolve over time :)
@poornima Thanks! I'm curious too - although my other podcast still has the same format after a few years (as does my newsletter) - so I might be adverse to change, haha.
This new podcast by @pjrvs is a great companion to Creative Class!!
<3 it and content is the key. This is how we get found.