The Freelancer - Dealing with Difficult Clients

We've all been there—here's how I deal with it.

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Zach Solomon-Beloin
Zach Solomon-Beloin@zachsb · Community Manager -
This is a good one, Paul! I've had a similar experience with a client who was great throughout the project, then all of a sudden started providing edit after edit. Picking up the phone always helps. Sometimes they simply don't realize the way we work and it's not intended. If you continue to let your clients behave in ways that annoy you, it will end up with you treating them adversely, when they may have no idea that what they're doing is "wrong." Pick up the phone and have a simple conversation. Discuss the project as a whole, figure out where their head is at and tactically tell them that you want edits provided concisely. If that conversation is not effective, consider reminding them one more time before terminating the relationship. Paul - Feedback on the podcasts: I find that your volume is super low, and I have to turn my speakers up to hear you. Could you look into that?