The Freelance Podcast 25 - A talk about Pricing

Two great things freelancing and pricing strategies.

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@nathanallotey What was your favorite part of this episode?
@jakecrump I had a couple of great parts in this episode. For example I like how RJ actually came with a different perspective as it pertains to full time vs. part time freelance. I think too many people romanticize full time freelance but though our dialog you are able to see both sides of the coin and get the best of both worlds. Though I had not spoken to RJ at length prior to the episode it was cool to see we had similar past experiences. We both used to work at a hosting company and used that knowledge to launch a business. It was comforting to learn some of the difficulties around pricing I faced as a freelancer were experienced by someone else and influenced our current view of pricing and understand our worth. Lastly, when RJ said my video podcast help to inspire him to continue his podcast I was blown away. It was a great reminder to continue to create, produce and show up every day because you don’t know who your influencing.