The Freedom Journal

Accomplish your #1 goal in 100 days' from John Lee Dumas

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New Kickstarter campaign from the 'Entrepreneur on Fire' man - John Lee Dumas. There are a lot of these kind of journals/diaries around at the moment. It would be good to hear people's opinions on why this one could be different. Got funded in just over 3 hours I believe.
Hi Alex, thanks for posting this and great Q! Now as the creator I'm biased so take this with a grain of salt ;-) I've always believed in the power of journaling and writing things down. What I saw lacking in the marketplace was a DEFINITE goal focused Journal. The Freedom Journal will guide you in setting a SMART goal (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) and hold you accountable to that goal until you achieve success in 100-days. There are daily tasks, nightly recaps, 10-day sprints, quarterly reviews and MUCH more. The Freedom Journal has been a year in the making, and I'm FIRED up to see Entrepreneurs SET and ACCOMPLISH their #1 goal in 100 days. The Kickstarter campaign is LIVE from now until Feb 5th, and we've partnered with Pencils of Promise so every time we hit a funding goal, I personally write a check for 25k to build a school in a developing country. I've already written 1 check, and the next is within site! The Freedom Journal is about giving yourself the gift of accomplishing your #1 goal in 100-days, and giving the gift of education to those less fortunate. is where the campaign lives, would LOVE your feedback Product Hunt community :-)
@johnleedumas Big Fan of what you are doing with EOFire and Fire Nation. 🙌. I'm just curious why you chose to do a Kickstarter campaign? You have already built up a loyal fanbase. You are making 3 million in ARR. It would be extremely easy for you to leverage your audience and bootstrap the whole thing. 🤔
@dredurr @alexjimandrews Great Q DD...I wanted to use the marketing might of Kickstarter and put together some AWESOME reward levels...I could have built all that out on my own..but the book creation was enough of a task for me :-)
@johnleedumas Awesome sauce JLD! The PH family is all about keeping it real👊... Last question: Imagine you are in a new world, identical to earth but you know no one. All you have is $100 dollars and The Freedom Journal. What will you do to succeed in the next 90 days? 😀
@johnleedumas Looks like you have put a lot of love into this project. I definitely appreciate the power and importance of keeping a journal. I like that you have picked 100 days, I've been thinking of setting myself a few 100 day challenges this year, so this could be a good start. Your charitable efforts are also very commendable, that kind of money can go a long way. @dredurr - Putting that Q back to the ON FIRE man himself, love it! Looking forward to the response.
@johnleedumas backed! I can't wait to get this in my hands! You rock man.
@stevepyoung Steve YOU rock! Thanks for being a Fire Nation Faithful since the BEGINNING!