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@sebastianwerz @chai_mishra I appreciate you offering a pescatarian option; but it seems quite a major oversight to try and launch this is in Silicon Valley without offering a pesca-pescatarian option. - What's your timeline for adding that look like? https://youtu.be/IC-ZBJ-Kw2E?t=32s
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@_jacksmith @sebastianwerz Can't believe we missed that! Rest assured, we're launching a full-scale fish-finding mission, focussed solely on edible varieties of fish that in turn live entirely off of fish. More details to come.
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@_jacksmith @sebastianwerz currently experiencing some trouble with the beta version of the pesca pescatarian box. Our landlord doesn't approve:
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@chai_mishra @_jacksmith @sebastianwerz are you worried about a copyright infringement lawsuit from Pied Piper, due to The Box branding?
@_jacksmith @sebastianwerz @chai_mishra great point! Also one more quick question, sorry if somebody already asked and I did not catch that, do you plan to include recipes sometimes in the near future ? I was actually thinking about how can I make my life easier by not going at the grocery story every Sunday ( unless its something specific or for fun of it, which seems a bit silly ) and this might be the answer + amazon now for other house supplies. I looked at the options such as blue apron or hello fresh, but it does not look like a lot of food for the $ you are paying. This looks perfect but it would be pretty neat if we had recipes.
@novica93 @_jacksmith @sebastianwerz We actually do add some recipe suggestions for dishes you can create with the ingredients. The best part about the box, though, is that it's flexible. So while you can make some pretty elaborate recipes with the ingredients, you can just as well throw a couple of them together and get a nice meal in 5 - 10 minutes!
Hey PH community! I'm Sebastian, one of the founders of Movebutter. I'm really excited to tell y'all more about The Founder Box and our story! We're giving the ProductHunt community an awesome 15% discount on the box -- just use the code "PRODUCTHUNT15" during checkout! Please feel free to ask us questions here or email me at sebastian@movebutter.com
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@sebastianwerz @movebutter Can we please get a keto version of this box?!
@sebastianwerz @movebutter If you do, I'm totally in 110%
Hey folks! I'm Chai, the Founder CEO of Movebutter. We're really excited to get the ProductHunt community a sweet discount! Use the promo code "PRODUCTHUNT15" for a nice 15% off the Founder's Box! So, you can replace your entire food spending with one $85 subscription. You can eat better, spend less, and support a more ethical food value chain. We've spent months working on the Founder's Box and I'm really proud to be able to present it to y'all. Please feel free to ping me with questions anytime! You can find me at chai@movebutter.com Thanks!
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@chai_mishra @movebutter Loved your passion in the video and all the hard work and research you guys put into it! I would like to see an unboxing or a meal-prep video, because I'm having a hard time visualizing how 21 meals fit all inside the box.
@fahdoo @movebutter so happy to hear that! We're definitely gonna work on an unboxing video first thing this morning! In the meantime, here's the stuff you can expect to find in an average box: https://www.movebutter.com/pages... We go for 20 staple items. Together, they make for an entire week of food. The categories remain the same but every box has a new variation within the category. For example, you'll always get a bag of fresh cut fruits in the box but we change what those fruits are every week. Keeps it exciting while covering all dietary needs!
@chai_mishra @movebutter Nice, I like that you have variety every week. Do the boxes come with any recipes or its left up to the customer?
@fahdoo @movebutter They do! We add suggestions for dishes you can create with the ingredients. The best part about the box, though, is that it's flexible. So while you can make some pretty elaborate recipes with the ingredients, you can just as well throw a couple of them together and get a nice meal in 5 - 10 minutes!
@chai_mishra @movebutter Is Europe delivery on the radar? ;)
Hey I like where you are going with this. I have a few feedback points: 1. I'm not getting the singled most or top 3 value props from the landing page. The values props that I can imagine are: a. Not having to buy groceries b. Inexpensiveness c. Quality of food d. Uniqueness of the food (non-gmo, organic, fair trade etc) d. Weight loss etc Perhaps tweak it so on the top of the landing page, right under "An Entire Week of groceries" or "the founders box" say something like: "Get an entire week of (insert adjective here) organic food delivered weekly. Our food is prepared my expert chefs..." Just my guess. 2. When I click on "The Shop" it prompts me to login. I don't think I should have to log in to view the shop. You should do a lazy log in, so users will have to create an account when they go to purchase. 3. "What makes great food so great?" - I think the answer should be more about purity, treatment of the animals, etc. 4. The gyph of the milk going into the box is cool, but I found myself trying to read the other things which is hard to do because you have to wait for the gyph to cycle over again. Perhaps have a still of everything that comes in the box. Also, it would be nice if you showed what the 7 day meal plan would look like. So for each day, show the 3 meals. 5. I would break the 7:45 videos into 2-3 videos. 6. Perhaps write something to address the current solutions out there. How do you get the customer who already has their food delivered from Instacart or something. 7. Being that the price is so affordable - it almost raises some concerns. Maybe tell how you are able to get the price so low and how you chose what when the box. Hope this helps!
@james_osullivan This is all extremely helpful! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this out! The best part is that we were already wondering how to attack a few of these issues and you've given us the exact right solutions. Thanks so much!
@james_osullivan James thank you so much! I really appreciate you spending your time to write out these points. While we make these improvements, if you notice more things that don't make sense you can reach out to me at sebastian@movebutter.com and we'll get on it ASAP. Hope you have a great day! :)
@sebastianwerz @movebutter @chai_mishra Thanks! I'll be sure to reach out if I notice anything. Thank you! 😃
The whole Movebutter team has so much energy and love for their brand and products. It's a beautiful sight! Congrats to all :)