The Floyd Bed Frame

Minimal, lightweight, simple-to-assemble bed frame

#4 Product of the DayNovember 19, 2015

The Floyd Bed Frame is an innovative bed frame made to be put together easy and to be able to use it in urban living and at the same time to be absolutely durable and lasting. This minimal bed frame is built for you to love it and its simplicity.

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$265 for 8 pieces of bent metal and 2 straps, not including the platform. Just to raise a mattress 7.5 inches off the floor. $435 including the platform for a twin. A full size Ikea Malm is $219. I get that it's a different value prop than Ikea, but is it really worth twice as much?
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@scottruona –– thanks for the thoughts. The goal with the bed frame, and all our products for that matter, is to create pieces of furniture that are durable, lasting and easy to use (& beautiful of course!). We created the bed frame because we knew there was a better way to buy (ships to your door free) and use furniture, rather than just disposing of it upon the next move (we've all been there).
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@kylejhoff @scottruona Also, to be fairer & include shipping, to my place it's $318 vs $435 for a full. Seems perfectly reasonable.
@staringispolite That's also comparing a full Malm to a twin Floyd. The Full/Queen Floyd is $495. In the grand scheme of bed frames, $495 isn't the most expensive, but considering how this is essentially just a raised floor, it's a lot more expensive than using the actual floor, like @kirillzubovsky mentioned in another comment. I think it's stylish in an industrial-chic kind of way, and it's definitely easier to move than an Ikea bed, but unless it's better than the floor, it's missing substance.
@scottruona @kylejhoff Actually, re-reading it, I suspect the price isn't a factor. The choice with this bed is simple - do you or don't you want a stylish looking frame? If you do, this one is a great option because you (a) don't have to go to Ikea, which either include paying them more money to deliver or renting a truck and wasting your whole day (b) don't have to bother reselling your furniture later, even with services like Move Loot, still a hustle (c) it's fun to tell your friends that you are sleeping on some cool kickstarter project from the future. So, if you rather not sleep on the floor, this is a great choice.
@kirillzubovsky @scottruona I initially also scoffed at the ~$500 price, but after looking at bed frames for an hour, everything $400 and under is crap (and looks it) and requires way too much assembly. This actually looks quite stylish and easy to assemble. I'm digging it!
Hey everyone – excited to be sharing the Floyd Bed Frame on Product Hunt! Much like our other products at Floyd, the goal with the bed frame is to create furniture that is lasting, adaptable & easy to use –– furniture for city living :) Designed in Detroit and manufactured in Great Lakes Region. Live on Kickstarter!
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@kylejhoff Awesome, I'm into it and ready!
@kylejhoff I need to ask the real hard-hitting questions I'm afraid: 1. With the right type of mattress, is it bouncy? Enough for a 'grown-up' to get some serious air? 2. How convenient is it to transport, at the end of the day it is a bed still... Compare to other beds obviously its a lot better but say I wanted to move from UK to SF and am really attached to my bed - convenient? 3. What compelled you and the team to make this? 4. What would you have done differently? 5. How did you settle on the current design?
@bentossell we have answers! 1. It's quite rigid and works best with foam mattresses. However, from our own bouncing experience, the quality of 'air' really does depend on the mattress. I have to say, for sleep, I really prefer a foam mattress, but if you're looking for a good jump you can't match the quality of a traditional spring model. Will send you flying. 2. Good question – if you're going to be moving your mattress, The Floyd Bed Frame packs up smaller than the mattress itself. However, let's be honest, I'd guess that in most cases one moving from the UK to SF would leave behind the mattress, which is why the framework is great in the sense that it allows you to take those components and replace the panels. Might I add that the modularity of it also allows for you to get an expansion pieces when you move or want to upgrade from that tiny twin to a queen, or even...a king. 3. It's simple: we were tired of our own challenges with the bed frame and remarkably tired of the culture of consumption that is tied to disposable furniture. There is a better way out there to consciously engage with furniture – that's why we're here rethinking it :) 4. Purchased one less Malm bed in my life... 5. We are super happy with it – its minimal, yet very functional. A big goal was to develop a bed frame that would work perfect for those folks who have purchased their eComm mattress (you know who are) to get it off the floor—something they could keep long term between those apartment moves.
@kylejhoff Love these answers 😍 1. I find I sink into the foam far to much... I need it to be a good bounce :) 2. Yeah mattress would be thrown probably. Oooooo King for me please 🙋 - what if @SHAQ wanted one?! 3. No better need than your own! 4. I'm 🇬🇧 so don't know them haha 5. Love it Great work to you and the team!!
@bentossell amazing questions Ben - gets very deep into the model and scalability for Floyd 🙌🏼🍾💯
I recently moved to New Orleans and held off on purchasing a bed-frame because I wasn't sure if/when it would end up in a dumpster. Though this product's pricier than typical Ikea furniture, the "life-time" value seems to make up for that, especially if you are nomadic like me. This also reminds me of Japanese-style interior design, which I'm a huge fan of. I hope you guys think of doing low-rise desks with this! I can imagine having that bed with a low-rise desk next to it and a cushion to sit on.
@kevinsuh34 great thoughts here — it's way common to move apartments every year, yet furniture hasn't really adapted to this shift in living patterns. glad you dig it! :)
This could be great for those who host through AirBNB.
@alexzanderod @m4murice Instead of one bed in a large room, there could be multiple beds in a large room. Maybe even turn a garage or storage room into a bedroom.
Been seeing a lot of cool physical products hunted lately. Might "Home" be the next vertical for Product Hunt? @eriktorenberg @rrhoover