The First Billion Is the Hardest

Reflections on a life of comebacks & America's energy future

Both a riveting account of a life spent pulling off improbable triumphs and a report back from the front of the global-energy and natural-resource wars, The First Billion Is the Hardest tells the story of the remarkable late-life comeback that brought the famed oilman and maverick back from bankruptcy and clinical depression. Along the way, the man often called the “Oracle of Oil” shares the insights that have made him a legend–and describes the billion-dollar bets he is now making in hopes of securing America’s energy independence.
This book derives its title from my favorite Twitter conversation of all time: [@Drake] The first million is the hardest. [@boonepickens (author)] The first billion is a helluva lot harder RT @Drake: The first million is the hardest. It demonstrates just how cool Twitter can be - where an oil magnate and a famous rapper interact.
@philipithomas haha no way! I NEVER knew that!
The only #FUTURE this is unbeaten by MIT Caltech NASA, but those scumbags taking money from energy companies & remaining silent (you can chck MIT just took millions from nuclear power companies) I will give "YOU" my house if you can beat it, takes "any" engineer 10mins to verify