The Feed

Food for athletes, delivered to your door monthly

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Cycling buddies love The Feed as friends receive a consistent mix of gels, chews, hydration and supplements on a monthly basis. @kane and @jwegener may like this
Interesting. It looks like a customizable subscription box? Could be a good evolution of this model...whereas now the value-add of most subscription businesses is a surprise delivered to you each month, this one is maybe more comparable to pill packs - you know what you need each month, so get it delivered to you all in one place.
You have my attention.
Nice! I like the food categorization. Categorizing by dietary is obvious, but choosing to categorize food by time — pre-workout versus post-workout supplements — is clever. I was surprised there was no "high protein" option under the Dietary categories....looks like it's targeted to solely to cyclists. I could see a product for weightlifters / bodybuilders really taking off.