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The Factual Owl is a free daily newsletter that uses the OwlFactor Grade to automatically rate how credible a story is, and how widely reported a topic is. Get high-quality viewpoints from across the political spectrum that are hard to find elsewhere.
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    Useful, time saving, removes the clutter


    I don't see any cons; this is a huge improvement to my other news sources

    The Factual Owl is what I've been hoping to use for the last few years. News has become another ad platform. Now, I get news that's real and fact-based.

    Andy Etemadi has used this product for one day.
If you’re like me, you see dozens of news stories flying by in your social feed and it’s hard to know what the major news topics are and if you’re seeing the whole story or just one particular angle pushed by that news outlet. It is not hard anymore. Factual Owl, the (free) daily newsletter has become my favorite way to not just get news, but be fully informed on current events.🗞️ And it pairs well with cocktail parties. 🍸
The real killer feature here is the system they use to rank articles. From concerns of news bias to just the basic fact that the internet has flooded our feeds with content, I’m impressed with the high quality/“indie” articles their system delivers to me. Additionally, in an era of claims of “biased algorithms” and such, I think it’s valuable to see a company be upfront with how their system works, so props to the team there. I will say, changing people’s news reading behavior is a huge challenge, and this does face the downsides of being another newsletter in my inbox. However, it’s a newsletter that has the potential to be my primary newsletter over time. Definitely excited to see how it evolves!
@jasonkalmeida Thanks for the kind comment Jason! Hope our newsletter's value grows over time and does indeed become your primary newsletter.
Looks great! When are you releasing the app (hopefully Android 😉)?
@irresistibl Thanks for the kind compliment! We'll have an Android app in a few months. The iOS app is built on React Native so it's cross platform. We need a few weeks of work to get the app to catch up to the site on functionality and will do soon after the newsletter base is established and growing.
I've been using OwlFactor for a while now and receiving "The Factual Owl" newsletter. I recommend it highly. It is so hard to get an objective view on the news these days. "The Factual Owl" delivers multiple perspectives on the top news stories right to my inbox everyday, with ratings for each story. It's how I start my day. Definitely sign up for the newsletter and give it a try if you want to be up to speed on current events.
@jill_soley Thanks so much Jill. Given that newsletters are such a good morning routine I'm thinking we should have The Factual Owl coffee mugs soon.
Thanks @anandrajaram! Hi everyone - I'm one of the makers behind The Factual Owl. So excited to launch here on Product Hunt. Happy to answer questions and comments. We've seen consistent 40%+ open rates and are getting strong feedback on the newsletter. Please sign up at Thank you.