The Facebook Primary

Where 2016 candidates are winning the battle for likes.

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Tom Masiero
@blendahtom · GM of LaunchBit
Amazing work by the team over at FiveThirtyEight and @NateSilver538
Francis Perron
@francisperron · Co-founder of GitMarket
Can't understand why so much people are voting for Trump -_-
Corey O
@coreyo · Senior Product Manager at Madison Reed
Rand Paul is on par with Bernie Sanders for Facebook Likes, and he just dropped out of the race.... so, yeah.
Sam Doshi
@samir_doshi · Co Founder @ Relayo.com
See this ending up on CNN on that one dude's digital board
Daniel Andrés León
@danielandresbk · Director, Data Science & Analytics
This looks great! Does the FB Graph API add the date a "like" was pressed? Would be curious to see the change over time... I would also be curious on public posts / article sharing related to specific candidates/parties, showing the "engaged" population compared to passive likes.