The Facebook Primary

Where 2016 candidates are winning the battle for likes.

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Amazing work by the team over at FiveThirtyEight and @NateSilver538
Can't understand why so much people are voting for Trump -_-
@francisperron said the same thing to myself 8 years ago about obama
@johnalxndr @francisperron I know that FB doesn't offer Sentiment analysis but that would be absolute GOLD with this data!
@francisperron even if you don't agree with Trump, it doesn't take a lot to understand why he's popular. He's the anti-establishment, and it's not always what he says, but with the zeal and honesty that he says it. A lot of people in this country are tired of voting for politicians (and rightly so), so they're choosing to stand behind the one candidate that isn't... for better or worse. The reasons aren't really that different from why democrats are choosing to back Sanders.
@wuss @francisperron perfectly put Noah
@johnalxndr @francisperron This is fascinating to me. I always wonder why politics seem to be so polarizing. Everyone (I assume) wants what is best but all I hear is fanaticism and hatred. But PH isn't the right place to talk about this.
Rand Paul is on par with Bernie Sanders for Facebook Likes, and he just dropped out of the race.... so, yeah.
@coreyo Where do you see that? Feel like I need more details
See this ending up on CNN on that one dude's digital board
This looks great! Does the FB Graph API add the date a "like" was pressed? Would be curious to see the change over time... I would also be curious on public posts / article sharing related to specific candidates/parties, showing the "engaged" population compared to passive likes.