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Hey Product Hunters, we’re super excited to finally release to the public this tool we’ve been playing with internally for a while! The Facebook Ads Gallery is the largest free collection of Facebook Ads. It’s great for inspiration and see how others (including your competitors) advertise on Facebook. We hope you’ll love it and we’ll keep adding hundreds of Ads every week! Happy to answer any question you have! PS: Want to try out AdEspresso? Here's a special 30% discount for you: http://adespresso.com/join-produ...
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@massimocw This is awesome...you should follow up with a FAIL gallery, to keep people out of the badlands.
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guys, FYI our friends at Facebook asked us to put it off-line while they double-check on the Policy compliance. !!UPDATE!! We've sorted that out with Facebook, everything was policy compliant, WE'RE BACK ONLINE :)
@massimocw See, they really do "move fast and break things" :)
@massimocw Was coming to find out why they don't seem to be displayed anymore. Hoping this comes back up soon!
@iamunr @massimocw Hey Paul! Update > we're back online :) :)
@armandobiondi @massimocw Awesome, thanks for letting us know! Now I can share/browse.
I'd be really surprised if Facebook let this come back online (https://developers.facebook.com/...)
@torbahax Hey Andrew! Update > we're back online :) :)
@armandobiondi oh are these just screenshots of ads? I thought this was data coming from the ads api at first (didn't get to see it before FB made you take it down.) Now I'm surprised they made you take it down at all, congrats on getting it back up and running! Do you see any of the brands included having a problem with it, or do you think they will see it as a form of free advertising?
Any news? Would really like to see this back on the webs.
@basprass Hey Bas! Update > we're back online :) :)
A site like this was probably my most searched in Google for the past one month. Thanks for bringing this @armandobiondi