The Fabulous

Build structure and healthful habits into your life

Kevin Chu
Inna S
  • Pros: 

    It helps you focus, has a beautiful design and it does what it promises.


    Could improve customer service.

    Create rituals to build up healthy habits. It has different programs that help you work on specific habits. It's an immersive program that invites you to become a better person.

    Used for more than a year and at some point found the concept of rituals a little too imposing.

    Inna S has used this product for one year.
Hey everyone! Would appreciate your opinion on our app. We've been working on it for the past 6 months, and I'm using it myself to tame my entrepreneur ADHD :) It's actually more nagging than a calendar or a habit tracker on purpose. Calendar apps never worked for me as I tend to simply skip what I have to do that day.
I love the Fabulous more than other todo apps. But It's just a little expensive to join Fabulous Sphere for Chinese student per month.
Looks cool! Would love to see more community aspects - I find that's he most powerful thing for me in cultivating healthy behavioral changes.
@caseyrosengren Thanks! That's a great idea that we should start exploring. The Fabulous users feel that the app is very personable (The app calls them by their name, etc) but we didn't yet implement any community aspect. Do you think a simple forum is a good starter, or we should push this further?
@Samibh I think that can be a start, but I think the best way to get this working is to build small, tight-knit communities. You should check out Omada Health - they have a purely virtual diabetes prevention program. They break people up into small groups of 10-12 to form communities going through the program, which I believe helps with engagement. If I were you, I'd take the top 10-20% of active users and invite them to go into communities with other power users. You want the people in the communities to be active, otherwise it can act as a demotivator. I've actually experimented with this personally as well - had a FB group with some random people 2 years ago for new years resolutions. Anyway, I love this stuff, so am happy to talk more offline if you're interested :)
@caseyrosengren Would love that! A random question I know, but are you coming to Paris/London anytime soon? Will be happy to invite you for lunch/drink. Otherwhise, let's have a Hangout whenever you can :) Here's my email :
Hello, is very similar apps. I am developing this app. I think, this is the most powerful thing that a person do in his life. We will launch v2 in the following weeks, too.
So far, the best habit tracker ever! I ALWAYS forget to do things and installing this made me set up a great routine. Especialy love the beautiful graphics and helpful reminders. Highly recommended!