The F*cking Weather

A weather app for people who hate weather apps.

#2 Product of the DayMarch 09, 2018

If you’re like us, you hate how accurate and precise weather apps are. That’s why we spent almost an entire month crafting the world’s least accurate mobile weather experience. Does it use AI or machine learning? Nope, this machine is as dumb as can be. And it will stay that way. Forever.

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Impeccably poorly crafted experience. One star. On a scale of five to one. With one being the highest. Because I said so.
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"There is an iOS version, but I don’t feel like paying the Apple developer license just for them to reject the app. If you know how to side-load iOS apps, you can nag me on twitter for an .ipa" lol
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@shimmb This made my day
@shimmb As well as "Contact No."
@shimmb Shockingly, it wasn't rejected :)
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Exactly as advertised


Exactly as advertised

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So because there has been so much fucking interest, tomorrow I'll post the iOS version in a dropbox link.
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@danhollick hi interesting project the fucking iOS link? 😁
Essentially it's the opposite of the Weather Puppy App.
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