The Explorer by Dollar Tea Club is a great way to try 3 new flavors of premium loose leaf for only $1/month!

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That looks like some good tea!
Hey Hunters, We've listened, we've gone back to the whiteboard, and we're back. Thanks for your help in turning this dream into a reality! Today we're introducing our $1 package, The Explorer. It's a great way to explore the world of tea for $1/month ($3 shipping to anywhere in The United States & Canada). Happy Hunting!
Love seeing new products in the tea space, great work guys!
@allan_shulman love it! Great branding, great site, great presence, and definitely looks like a great product. The world's been needing a fun tea subscription that's low cost and low risk. I'm working on a tea accessory, so would love your professional opinion on it sometime. Connect soon?
@paul_davis1 thank you! Would love to connect, feel free to send me a message here or an email at
When will you start shipping to Europe? Perfect thing for my sister :)
@embring Hey Erik, as soon as we can figure out international shipping logistics- we've been working on it so stay tuned for more :)