The Evolution Of Webdesign

See how one webpage has evolved since 1991

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 24, 2016
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This website has been objectively ugly until 2015. And even then, still pretty ugly. But cool to see the evolution.
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@andrewmettinger You must take in mind that you'd find it cool if you saw those ribbons at 2010. Admit it, you know you did :))
@andrewmettinger lol, you're right. there's a few floating action buttons with no apparent purpose on the bottom of the page
@andrewmettinger Seems manufactured to illustrate (lampoon?) changing trends in web design.
As a web designer, I can confirm this is as true as it gets, even the ribbons in 2011... It's actually quite funny and cool :)
It was cool to navigate thru web history. A little slow to load, but great idea.
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