The evolution of the web

A data visualization about the growth of the web since 1990

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That's very beautiful but also very confusing. Head hurts.
Data visualization about the growth of the web since 1990. Featuring Mosaic, Netscape and the current browser you are using to see this hunt.
Wow this data is nuts but I'm not really sure how something can go backwards on a timeline so the animations are a bit unintelligible to me, I read CSS3 2D as being introduced in 2009 but then look lower and it was implemented in early 2008.
Wow, built using svg. It's been a while since I haven't experimented on that (since google tried to push it with svgweb). Would love to have opinion of maker if around about the state of svg for general purpose apps (even if graph itself seems to imply it's crossbrowser since ie9 ;) ).