The Everyday Messenger

Trey Ratcliff and Peak Design reimagine the messenger bag

#4 Product of the DayJuly 31, 2015
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I've backed several Peak Design projects in the past (Leash and Cuff specifically), so it's exciting to see them venture in the messenger bag space. This thing looks very well thought out. Meanwhile, the collaboration with Trey Ratcliff is a huge bonus given the following he's attracted online with his Stuck in Customs website offering tons of great tips for shooting and creating HDR photos. With 51 days to go in their campaign, they've already raised nearby $1.5M on a $100K goal demonstrating that they've really hit a nerve with this product!
@chrismessina I've been a loyal Timbuk2 customer for years. As someone who works in tech and is a photographer, this bag is what I've always wanted. Usually my day is deciding what I'm going to sacrifice, be it comfort or items left behind. I'm really looking forward to getting one of these soon. Thanks for posting.
This bag is amazing! Well, I'm not totally objective about it, hehe, because I worked with the whole team at Peak Design in San Francisco for a year to make it! We've been humbled and blown away by the support from everyone. We're glad you love it as much as we do! :) If you have any questions, let me know. Actually if you want to see all the LOVE and care and little touches that went into it, watch the two videos on — there's also a more "raw" video where you see more of the bag, its history, the genius of Art Viger, and more at this embedded video:
@treyratcliff Hi Trey, just a couple questions: How do you think the bag will hold up if it's as rainy as the last time you were in Hawaii, and when are you coming to visit me and Dallas to we can "test" the bag in the sunshine? Good to see you around these parts! ;)
@spyhi @treyratcliff haha yeah man that WAS a rainy day! But yes, the bag will do just fine in the rain. Water beads up and runs off of this special material we lab tested again and again. The exact name is 500D waxed, DWR-coated Kodra synthetic canvas. So you and Dallas soon! Errr... are you coming to Dallas for one of the big photo walks in August? hehe
@chrismessina Big fan of Peak Designs! I currently have the Clip attached to a Mission Workshop bag and I'm constantly being asked about the clip. This bag looks like a great alternative to a day-pack. Thanks for sharing!
@jordandodds Thanks Jordan! We're big fans of Mission Workshop (also based in SF). One of our chief design requirements for The Everyday Messenger was an ideal mounting spot for Capture.
LOVE the Peak Design team! I had a chance to play with the Everyday Messenger Bag and there are so many cool, innovative details baked in. I'm getting one and it won't be to hold cameras. :)
@katherinekrug Thanks for your support Katherine!
If every video on Kickstarter were made like this one, I'd be broke! Haha.
@joshuaoxj Have to agree on that. Good work on the video, whoever made it.