The Entrepreneurial Bible to Venture Capital

Inside secrets from the leaders in the startup game

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@arron_dean what's your favorite one of the "inside secrets" from this book?
@katesegrin Favorite secrete would change from day to day, but I just heard a story today of a cram down where earlier investors get wiped out by new ones. I have seen it before obviously, because I put it in my book and someone in the deal told me they re-read that section of my book and said that in a less than half a page that part of my book summarized a long legal doc where early investors all got screwed.
@katesegrin Hey Kate, good question. There is a lot of great stuff in the book, particularly because they interview a lot of experienced VCs and entrepreneurs and you get a conversational yet detailed insight into their way of thinking. That said, my favorite "secret" was actually learning about how hard it is to be a VC. They don't earn as much money as everyone assumes, not unless they're at the top of their game. Plus, understanding the pressures they face in fundraising for their funds, the timelines they need to adhere to and other issues they face. The book removed the mystery and allows for a great peek behind the curtain.
I am working on my next book now "MASTERS OF CORPORATE VENTURE CAPITAL Collective Wisdom from 50 VCs on How to Get Funded & the Playbook for Corporate Venturing to Access Startup Innovation, Create CVCs that Move the Needle for Large Businesses & Avoid the Classic Mistakes (2016)"
@romansventures I'll be the first in line to buy it :)