Determines the best emojis for photo's

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This is magic. Pretty much nailed this pic with me, @jacqvon, @bentossell, @Corleyh, @mscccc and @AlexCartaz at the Hermitude show. 🎤💃🎊
@rrhoover @jacqvon @bentossell @corleyh @mscccc @alexcartaz Nailed it. Thanks for the GIF. ps How do I add an image file into this section?
@brelow you can paste in the full image URL :)
Needs more... you know, but beyond that it works great!
@philipkuklis try ANOTHER ONE
Haha... I have seen it all now😷
@dredurr What was your best result? Did you share to Twitter? Copy + Paste the link here so I can check it out!
Another incredibly cool product from the Curalate team! 1. Upload a photo or connect your Instagram account 2. The Emojini 3000 will determine the best emoji's based on what is in the photo From the site: "For Emojini, we used deep learning algorithms and a whole bunch of imagery to give our servers an ability to guess what Emoji best represent your photos. The results can be uncannily accurate or hilariously bad, but in either case it's still pretty cool."
@torbahax Thanks Andrew. Hope you had as much fun using it as we did building it. For anyone else that's interested, the Curalate engineer and brains behind this, Lou Kratz, wrote a blog post about the more technical details:
This is addictive @brelow!