Insights on each tab from a billion-dollar strategist

Each time you open your tab, get an ice-cold splash of motivation from Dan Waldschmidt--the strategist to billion-dollar companies and international keynote speaker. It's more than your typical "self-help" nonsense. It's advice that's actually good.

And if you disagree, we'll refund you 200% of the money for this free Chrome extension ;-)

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Shoutout to the Product Hunt community. We found @marsh931 through another Chrome extension he made πŸ™ŒπŸ€“ #nerdsunite
I had a lot of fun making this extension - thanks @danwaldo @mattcwill for the opportunity! - if you've got any questions about making Chrome extensions, feel free to dm me on twitter πŸ™‚
This is very cool and inspirational, but I really like how I get a new Google Earth location each time I open up a new tab. I'm not sure I can ever replace it!
Installed! Thank you Makers!