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The Frugal Vagabond
The Frugal VagabondMaker@frugalvagabond · Founder, The Earth Awaits
Thanks for the submission! This is awesome! I'm the author of The Earth Awaits, which builds budgets for 600 cities around the world, on-the-fly, based on your inputs about your family, lifestyle, housing needs, and a couple other things. Then it'll filter out cities which don't match your desires on topics like crime, pollution, quality of life, racial discrimination, and many others. The idea came from a conversation I had with my father-in-law about how well he could live on his limited pension if he'd consider a move abroad. I realized just how many people there are out there who have no idea how many amazing options there are if they are willing to make a big, adventurous leap of faith. One of the reasons I wanted to build The Earth Awaits was to address some of the common complaints about crowdsourced cost-of-living data online-- namely, that one minor item or another is wrong-- which is usually a matter of differences in lifestyle or living situation. The Earth Awaits includes a budget tab in the details for each city so that you can see the exact line-item budget that was build for you, and how it's modified based on your family size and lifestyle. If you don't agree with the budget methodology, you can edit the budget to your heart's content and download it for later use in your spreadsheet program. Each city has beautiful pics and great information about the city and country, and a special focus on personal freedoms like women's equality, racial bias, LGBT issues, and more. It's really important to me that everyone be able to get the information they need to feel safe and happy when they're considering a long-term move, especially abroad. In the near term I'm working to add user accounts so that customized budgets can be saved permanently, and used in the search, as well as saving favorite city/budget combinations for later review. Each city can be shared on social media and gets shared with your lifestyle/family/housing settings.