The Dump Trump Club

Chrome Extension to take Trump off the web. Hilarity ensues.

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This is a good use for that old chrome extension. Keeping playing that guitar Mack!
Last year me and my friend Peter built a really simple chrome extension that turned the word terrorist to coward on websites. Clearly we were inspired by the snake person/snake people things, which I discovered here on Product Hunt, and still makes me laugh every day as I browse the web. Also hat tip to the in the cloud-->in the butt people. Funny stuff. Anyhow, it was super easy to think of a millions ways to redo the same trick but that felt disingenuous- so we let it lie. Nobody likes the guy who can only play one song on the guitar but won't put the damn thing down. But America, to be honest, your shit is getting stupid. The Trump thing is out of control. Not getting out of control. IS out of control. In building this, we fully recognize that this isn't going to sway a single voter. This will 100% be used for people who are 100% not going to vote for Trump in any capacity. So we're not actually making much of a difference here. And that's a shame. But the extension is hilarious. For me it makes browsing the web at least 1.7x better. Also, this time, instead of doing a straight swap of one word for another we made it random from a short list of our favourite names for Trump. The idea there being that if anybody hits twitter with their favourite names for trump and the hashtag #thedumptrumpclub, we'll grab the best and add them to the extension. So. Glad to share. Would love to hear your thoughts.
@mackflavelle Have you given thought to the notion that just by creating this, you are inadvertently contributing to what I am henceforth referring to as "The Donald Trump Show" (aka "US Presidential election 2016"), and that you may in fact sway people to vote for him by raising attention to him?
@rossdcurrie Hi Ross. Yeah we thought about it because I think the concern is real. But I wasn't sure I liked where the line of thinking led. Is everybody just supposed to stop talking about him? Cause that would kind of be best of all, but considering how vile so much of what he says is, it seems "wrong" to just let it slide by- it feels like people should stand up and say something. Honestly don't have a black and white answer to this.
@mackflavelle I think if we react every time he says something controversial that he's going to keep saying controversial things.