The Dump

'WTF Just Happened Today' for cryptocurrencies

The Dump aggregates cryptocurrency news, just like "WTF Just Happened Today" does for politics. Every story is hand-curated, with the goal of bringing you just the most relevant stories each day in an easy-to-digest and easy-to-share format.

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Hey there. Thanks for the upvotes so far :) We initially created this site as a "beginner" type resource with How-Tos, a Glossary, and some FAQs, but that market quickly became saturated and we kinda missed the boat so we've been trying other things to see what sticks. So far we've launched or at least started: a video news series, a podcast directory, a video curator, an ICO rating tool, a Github project "evaluator," and other such nonsense. The Dump is our latest effort to be relevant, a news curator largely inspired by the format of the political news aggregator WTF Just Happened Today. We've done our best to make it easy to read, device agnostic, utilitarian, and not overly infested with ads :) And technically, this project was pretty straight-forward... a few WordPress custom post types and templates. Currently, there's an email signup on the page, but the email it sends is just a link to the day's news so it's pretty useless. Getting that buttoned up is top-priority as we believe it's critical to "own" your users and not just sharecrop on Twitter and Telegram, etc. Speaking of which, here's a link to our Telegram... Happy to answer any questions, and welcome all feedback and suggestions.
Pleased to say that our RSS feed (remember those?) and the email that's based on it are updated to actually include some content :) Also added a UGC form so that visitors can suggest news articles... Now we just need some traffic :)
Hi all. I'm one of the curators / writers for The Dump. Feel free to reach out on Twitter with any leads or tips! Thanks~