The Drop

Community to discover and share new EDM tracks

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Awesome! I've been listening to this for the past 30 minutes instead of my Spotify EDM list.
I love this and how Telescope is growing into something very cool
Was this entirely built with @SachaGreif's Telescope or did you make some code modifications, @justinkan?
@SachaGreif @rrhoover mostly telescope, but I made some small changes and added the music player
@SachaGreif @justinkan @rrhoover This could be the first product to use Telescope and not have "Product Hunt for X" in its tagline. Also, what is a Dead Mouse?!?
@SachaGreif @rrhoover @justinkan great job with the customization, I love the design :)
Add a "vocals" tag to filter out tracks that I can't listen to while coding.
Cool, reminds me of Encore Beat that was hunted about 6 months ago :)
@kjemperud This was my first thought as well.