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Another day, another stupid Donald Trump "product". And the generator is not even good. It's just a small array of 39 strings that are pseudo-randomly chosen. At least make a Markov chain that generates randomized sentences based on the initial array. This way it is just pointless.
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@vandanic Agree, but I don't think markov chain is able to do that, RNN can.
@xy0 I think a Markov chain would be a low effort / solid outcome solution for a silly meme generator. I've done it for a local politician in my country with hilarious outcomes. Neural networks are obviously the way to go if you have the knowledge, skills and/or time to implement a good solution. I cannot, however, see that effort being worth it for a Donal Trump-related joke.
Given the number of daily products on Trump I suggest to launch TrumpHunt
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This type of useless product should not be allowed in Producthunt.