The Donald Test

A.I. that tells you if you sound more like Trump or Hillary

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82% Hillary. If it was any closer, I'd run for office.
Hey ProductHunters! This is Sarim, one of the makers of So what is Its a web app that: 1. Uses Machine Learning to tell you if your most recent 15 tweets sound more like Hillary or Trump. 2. Gives you a percentage of your closeness to either one of the candidates. 3. Displays your most Trumpiest and your most Hillaryest tweets. Try it out and tell us what you think about it! There is no sign in required, all it needs is a person’s twitter handle (the Hillary score screenshot in the pictures is @rrhoover result). For those curious about how we made it, here is the backstory: Myself and @daveshak will be hanging around all day to answer any questions. Sarim
Wow, congrats! This is hilarious. Apparently I'm 85% asshole haha. Also, Just signed up for Caspy, great idea! I've always had the vision to do something exactly like what you guys are doing (automate what salespeople do with email / engagement) because it's so valuable for sales teams. In fact, I built something a mobile app similar to you guys about a year or so ago but never finished it:
ahah nicely done! A bunch of people are tagging me with their results on the Twitters 🐥
Looks fun but I'm getting a broken page every time I try - too many people trying now? Works fine when I tried rrhoover but not with my handle (adammoisa).
@adammoisa yeah because of the twitter rate limit, we are fixing it now. Sorry