The Distance podcast

The stories behind wonderful old school businesses

The Distance started out as a publication by Basecamp (37 Signals). Looks like it became a podcast more recently. It's refreshing to hear the stories behind successful independent business that were built to last esp. in our culture of built-to-flip companies.
The content and ideas by 37 Signals are powerful. I've implemented several ideas from previous books over the years (as far back as 2009). I've subscribed to this podcast and look forward to a different angle compared to my app startup world within The App Guy Podcast. A great hunt - thanks for sharing.
Love this podcast! Production value is high and the stories are of those that are often overlooked in today's business and startup podcast circuit. I always learn something from these stories.
Love this podcast (and just a big fan of 37signals/Basecamp in general)! The production value is superb (both now in the podcast form and even when they did the written articles) and the stories are captivating. Very refreshing to have.
Any particularly awesome episodes to start with?
@ryanholiday I really liked the one on Victory Auto Wreckers. There was a bias that I remembered their ads growing up but liked how a business that is not sexy at all has remained around and relevant for all these years.