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Hey there. Rawand here A few months ago i was thinking about a mailing list with abilities to notify me everyday about iOS frameworks. I did not had much time to write/make everything myself. sometimes we need a extra hand. So i ended up making this newsletter for people beginners or developers to gain more information WHAT IS IT? As the description says “We send daily notifications to help you discover new iOS frameworks”. Starting on March 10, We will send emails to our subscribers everyday. aiming to share some value among ourselves. Sounds cool.. Right? WHO IS IT FOR? Influencers like you who loves to discover the best new frameworks (Or old ones) before everyone else. HOW DOES IT WORK? We send daily notifications to help you discover new frameworks everyday, That includes a fear-free instructions on the framework and other things to help you make your development easier. WHO CAN SUBSCRIBE TO YOUR NEWSLETTER? Anyone with an email address – no account required. We really hope you like it and we’d love to get your feedback! We’ll be around here and you can also reach us on Twitter ( or by email ( Thanks a lot! Rawand (Founder)