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Hi everyone, Wow this is such a wonderful surprise to be featured on PH today!! I'm one of the makers of The Diary's iOS app. Being only 17, I've spent the last short few months spending just about every hour of my free time coding, testing, debugging, and having fun making this with the rest of the team—all while trying to balance it with a high school homework load and college apps! It's been an enjoyable roller coaster bringing this product to market, but the team here at The Diary is amazing and I think I speak for us all when I say we think we have a really great product to help people take control of their health! I hope you all enjoy it and I'll be on all of today to answer any questions you have about the app or service in general, as will some of my team members! Thanks for all your support! Alex
Hi All, Just thought I would give some insight as to who this app is designed for: folk who need to track ongoing health issues, or else help to look after or monitor family or friends who have health issues (you often do more for people you love, than you do for yourself!). For these people, trying to get all pertinent health and medical information in one place is extremely difficult and time consuming. Making it understandable at a glance is unheard of. Finally, trying to keep it all updated is highly stressful and also time consuming. And after all that, other people involved in the care cannot see the personal picture of health status that you have painted just for yourself. Major pain all around! The pain points for these people is what we have attempted to solve with Lifetime Health Diary.
First of all, great accomplishment Alex. You must be over the moon with what you've achieved 😄 I DL'd the app and found the UI to be lovely, crisp and thoughtfully positioned. The challenge you have is the same as anyone trying to build an app that does almost everything... how do you get ppl who do not record medical updates etc. to use this all singing all dancing app... answer? Not here I'm afraid. Not yet anyway. The experience was overwhelming and I only got 5 mins into it before I gave up trying to understand the many things I needed to to make use of the clever stuff... trust me, 5mins is a LONG time to engage with an app I haven't got a real use for at the moment. I'll keep an eye out for updates tho 😉 Fantastic work.
@cute_life Hi Glen, First of all thanks for checking us out ; ) I definitely agree with you that the experience can be overwhelming for someone who hasn't used our product before, and I think much of that could be fixed with some better user onboarding that includes more of a tutorial based walk through so users see how they might use the app in practice. Maybe you've got some thoughts on this or some more general advice to help guide us in this way? Although I think something like that would bring us a step forward in the right direction, I think there is a larger problem in the industry as a whole in terms of user engagement—people just don't want to enter health data. It takes too much time right now! While much of a users health story is tracked automatically with wearables, when it comes to subjective data like feelings and most symptoms, users don't want to take the time or energy to keep track. We're trying to help alleviate this pain by shortening both the time and energy needed to create health entries. The dictation feature of our iOS app (paired with 3D Touch actions for even faster input) and our watch app is one of our attempts to solve this. Although I certainly see the feature in its current state as a proof of concept and not quite polished or complete, with the 1.1 and 2.0 releases we have planned for the near future, we have some tricks up our sleeve that will help us take a huge step forward in increasing user engagement for health tracking and will make our dictation feature a killer! Thanks again for checking us out, giving us your feedback, and keeping an eye out for updates. We've got some exciting things in store for the future 😋
Hi everyone, I also worked on the project. As most of you know you can never fit everything you'd like in the first release, especially if you're on a tight deadline. Our small team put in an incredible amount of work and we plan to continue to do that for future releases. The Apple Health integration, Voice Dictation, 3D touch options, Dropbox integration and Document Scanner (for medical records) were all intended to help make it easier but we know we still have some work to do. It's not an easy task. Thanks for the feedback! Keep it coming!
@_mariov_ @cute_life Thanks Mario, absolutely true! We had an extremely tight schedule and it's great what is present in the service all together given only a couple months and a small team, but there's still so much to improve on and add to give our users the best experience and make life easier for people trying to keep track of their health.
Thanks Alex, completely agree with you. You got a challenge and I wish you the best of luck with it. Really do mate.