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Listened to this episode - pretty simple stuff, but powerful: you should think not in terms of "how much do I pay Mailchimp", but "how much can I MAKE from Mailchimp list".
@povilask007 Right? I love how Paul sees business and his email. Thank you for listening :)
I love this podcast - got really good insights about email marketing. Looking forward to more from The Despreneur.
@inamedinova thank you so much Laura, Paul knows how to use email :)
I look forward to see (or rather, hear) more episodes! Here's a question for you - what's the one takeaway from this discussion with Paul that you will implement in your websites?
@ashocka18 definitely customizing all the generic emails that MailChimp provides, you know the ones with Arial text inside a white box surrounded by gray background. As Paul says, if you don't customize it, people see that you don't care.
Great episode. Count me in.
BIG first episode thanks Paul and Tomas! Keep them coming :)