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Povilas Korop@povilask007 · Freelance web-developer
Listened to this episode - pretty simple stuff, but powerful: you should think not in terms of "how much do I pay Mailchimp", but "how much can I MAKE from Mailchimp list".
Tomas LaurinaviciusMaker@tomaslau · Lifestyle Entrepreneur & Blogger
@povilask007 Right? I love how Paul sees business and his email. Thank you for listening :)
Laura K. Inamedinova@inamedinova · Forbes & ArciticStartup
I love this podcast - got really good insights about email marketing. Looking forward to more from The Despreneur.
Tomas LaurinaviciusMaker@tomaslau · Lifestyle Entrepreneur & Blogger
@inamedinova thank you so much Laura, Paul knows how to use email :)
Heidi Pungartnik@design4founders · Owner of DesignforFounders
I look forward to see (or rather, hear) more episodes! Here's a question for you - what's the one takeaway from this discussion with Paul that you will implement in your websites?
Tomas LaurinaviciusMaker@tomaslau · Lifestyle Entrepreneur & Blogger
@ashocka18 definitely customizing all the generic emails that MailChimp provides, you know the ones with Arial text inside a white box surrounded by gray background. As Paul says, if you don't customize it, people see that you don't care.
Ben Pujji@bpujji
Great episode. Count me in.
Tom Hunt@tomhuntio · TEDx Speaker & Internet Entrepreneur
BIG first episode thanks Paul and Tomas! Keep them coming :)