The Data Driven Daily

Daily ideas for using data to make better business decisions

The Data Driven Daily is a daily email newsletter that provides ideas and advice on how to use data to make better business decisions. Topics range from how to select your key metrics to how to do effective business planning and root cause analysis.

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This *daily* email newsletter is invaluable to any one who wants to get better at using data for their business. If that's you, sign up and check it out for yourself!
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Thanks Hiten! I created the Data Driven Daily because too many people want to use data to make decisions but don't know how to start. Data should be empowering, not intimidating! Everyday I cover how to use data to make decisions, focusing on fundamentals and simplicity. Each issue only takes 2-3 minutes to read so you can learn something and then get on your way! Hopefully it will be a good reminder of fundamentals for experts and a great starting point for people who want to make better use of data.
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@sbyrnes Are you open to monetizing the newsletter via native/sponsored posts? I'd be happy to walk you through the benefits of our RevResponse platform. LMK and we can take it offline. Cheers.
@david__fortino Hi David! Thanks for the offer. The mission of the Data Driven Daily is education, not revenue, so we aren't planning to make money from it. However, I checked out your website and RevResponse looks interesting. I know of some other companies that might be interested and will pass it along!
@sbyrnes No worries, I figured as such but it never hurts to ask. Thx for the kind words and recognizing the opportunity for RevResponse. We're always happy to help publishers with their various b2b-centric monetization needs. Thx!
The best part of waking up is DataDrivenDaily in my inbox. and coffee.
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@edith_h Thanks Edith! What would it take for us to overtake coffee for solo ownership of the best part?
@sbyrnes Coffee and DataDriven Daily are the perfect combo.
Wow, impressed by the amount of content you're pumping out here daily. Nice work. Seems as if much of the content is covering wide-ranging structural business topics across a range of functions (e.g., pricing, revenue recognition), but from an analytics perspective. Who do you see as your target audience (and, if different, that of Outlier?)
@wanderslth Hi Ken, great question! You are right that the content covers a wide range of topics, as I've found that one of the challenges to adoption of data is boredom. Staring at the same dashboards, charts and metrics for too long makes data seem boring and it is difficult to maintain attention. By showing a wide range of ways that data can be used, my hope is to make it seem more interesting and hence more useful. My opinion, and our thinking at Outlier, is that everyone in a business is now a business analyst. The explosion of data means that every function can benefit from using it to make better decisions! That means most people using data don't have degrees in statistics or mathematics and might not be analytics experts. The Data Driven Daily is designed to speak to them and help them start on a path to using data. However, I have been impressed at how many experts have become enthusiastic readers because of the focus on fundamentals. Just like in sports, everyone benefits from refreshing their fundamentals!
@sbyrnes > everyone in a business is now a business analyst. Couldn't agree with you more about this movement toward data democratization. This is a core idea behind the startup I'm working on ( -- we find much of the data bottleneck is between IT and Biz in data prep/ETL stage... and doing what we can to make that more accessible. Just signed up for the newsletter; looking forward to reading it. Cheers!
I've been impressed by the quality of the lessons in this newsletter. The Outlier team has tried to take some of the biggest lessons in using data and teach them in small, digestible bits.
@samson_hu Thanks Samson! Glad you find it helpful.