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Daily sports news geared towards young professional women

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Hi all - I'm one of the cofounders of The Daily Rally, and my other cofounders @thek_hawk & @hannahbeah should be dropping a line in shortly! Simply put - we wanted to create a daily sports newsletter in the vein of theSkimm that would give our readers what they needed to know from the world of sports - both on and off the field in the time it took for them to get their morning coffee. And as recent graduates and 20-somethings ourselves, we wanted to do it in a language that was natural to us, not full of jargon or lingo. Thanks for checking us out!
Hello! I am also a co-founder (and Kelly's older sister) of The Daily Rally. As I constantly juggle being a NFL Cheerleader and a Brand Manager for a social media company, I realized the need for a daily sports news source for busy young professional women, like myself. We love hearing how our readers genuinely look forward to reading their TDR in the morning. It's the perfect way to easily start their day with a little sports and a little humor. Enjoy! #GetUpandRally
Hello everyone! I'm a co-founder for The Daily Rally as well! As a sports reporter for the University of Florida and now the PGA TOUR, I found there was a hole in the market for women like me when it came to sports news. I had become my friends' source for sports news and figured I could turn that into a daily morning email that was concise and written in the same voice I use talking to my friends. The Skimm was my inspiration! I hope everyone enjoys The Daily Rally!
Would you say your target audience is women who are huge sports fans, or more so women who just want to keep up with casual sports conversations? I can see this being a fun way to get more women interested in sports, and I'm all for that!
@alainaprov Hi Alaina! Definitely think @thek_hawk & @hannah_hawkins will have more insight on this than me -- but I think it's a little bit of both. I like to think we provide a quick rundown of the day in sports for those who consider themselves big sports fans, but we also have readers who became more interested in sports (and more informed about them!) because they read TDR regularly.
@alainaprov Hi Alaina! The goal of TDR is so be accessible to both. We are avid sports fan, so we write the newsletter in our voice and focus on the topics that interest us the most, but we want to make sure we are able to connect with the female audience who is looking to become more clued in on the sports conversation. We want our readers to feel up to date on all the sports news of the day so they can take part in conversations both at the office and in their social lives!
Hey guys, great job on creating a product and launching. It's not easy so congrats! I'd like to know more about the reason you all made this product. I'm having a hard time understanding why there needs to be a women-specific daily sports newsletter. Is it because most news coverage are geared towards men? As in the rhetoric? I don't watch sports news, so you'll have to forgive me :).
@nat3yice Hi Nathan! So our philosophy is it's not creating separate news for women, it's presenting it in a way that reaches like minded people. We found ourselves as our friends go-to source for sports news and realized there wasn't an outlet that spoke specifically to women that wasn't condescending or wrapped in a pink bow. We decided to take what we were already doing in our every day lives and put it in an email form. We then quickly realized the way we were presenting the information was also appealing to men, specifically young professional men on the go who no longer have the time to sit on ESPN all day. So while we created this as an homage to our friends, we have been pleased to find it resonates with a much wider audience. Hope this helps!