The Daily Drop (iOS)

Discover and stream the hottest new EDM tracks

Hi Product Hunt! First, thanks to Connor for hunting The Daily Drop! Really appreciate it. I created The Daily Drop first and foremost to solve my pain-point of trying to discover new electronic music. While SoundCloud and Spotify are great, I used to manually frequent lots of blogs, forums, and even check Twitter for new songs people would post. Lots of times they were dope tracks/remixes by DJs and artists that I would have never heard of otherwise. Instead of this manual process I created a system that automated this. The Daily Drop aggregates some of the newest and hottest EDM tracks from various online sources. Similar to Hypem but not only blogs and tailored specifically to the EDM crowd. I recently launched the new iOS native app to go along with the already existing web player. The newest feature has been the inclusion of custom playlists and coming soon on mobile is the ability to filter by EDM subgenres (one of the most requested features!). If you have any suggestions or feedback would love to hear them! Also happy to answer any questions people may have.
Hey, David! The app looks awesome and a great compliment to the web app (shame i'm on android!) Why did you change the name for the app? Are you still personally making music? 😺