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@kamilszybalski Hi Kamil! So theres definitely similarities (both ways to discover awesome EDM tracks) but do I feel like the products are different enough to differ from one another. The Drop is differently more community focus (comments, ranking by upvotes, content comes from the community). When I originally created The Daily Drop, I wanted everything to be automated and didn't want to rely on either myself or others to submit or curate content. I think thats the biggest differentiator. I do have an option to submit tracks though if people would like.
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Kevin William David
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Brand new way to discover and conveniently play the best new EDM and electronic songs on the internet. Songs are curated from a set of handpicked top EDM blogs and aggregated and presented in a easy way to consume and play. Songs can also be submitted to the site after you've signed up for an account. Also checkout The Drop.
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Hi everyone! Creator of The Daily Drop and big EDM fan here. I started this project sometime last fall but recently picked it back up, completely scrapped the UI and went with a different design. I created this because I have yet to find a product out there that helped me easily discover new EDM tracks in a way I like. If I know what I'm looking for, Spotify and Soundcloud are great but imo discovery isn't too good on those platforms. I used to manually go check a lot of various sources like blogs, Twitter, etc. But this didn't work out too well and took too long. I couldn't just play through the new songs, skip, shuffle, and other normal player functions you'd find on other services. So I created a system that automated this process for me, aggregated the content together in one place where I can play through the newest songs,and save ones I like. When creating it, I added features that I really wanted or liked from various products and brought them together in one service: aggregation-like sourcing of content (Hypem), queueing and view history (Spotify), ability to play in shuffle mode (Spotify/SC), favoriting, and search. Currently I'm indexing more than 3000+ tracks with more added everyday! Future plans include a mobile app (okay so its 'responsive' and looks fine on mobile but functionality it doesn't work too well....) and also a hip-hop version! I also am big on hip-hop and will be launching that soon so look out for that :) Happy to answer any questions people have out there!
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