The Creator At Large Podcast!

A podcast all about the business of the comic book industry!

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The Creator At Large Podcast is a brand new podcast featuring weekly interviews with professionals working in the comic book industry. Each episode explores their career paths in comics as well as their thoughts on the trends & changes shaping the industry today!

I created this podcast to bring real business-centric conversation to the industry.

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Jeremy Melloul
Jeremy MelloulMaker@jeremymelloul · Writer / Entrepreneur / Marketer
Hey everyone! Just wanted to share my new podcast here! It's my first time launching a podcast, but I'm excited to finally be taking the plunge! I've been in&around the comic book industry since 2011 and have loved learning about the business of the industry as I've worked on developing my own career as a comic book creator. I was frustrated by the lack of business conversations, however, outside of private areas and wanted to bring these deep-dive style discussions to a public forum - hence the podcast! It's available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play - pretty much anywhere you might listen in (if it's not where you typically listen, let me know & I'll see about making it available there!) If you're interested in the business of comics or building a career in the comic industry, I hope you'll listen & check it out. There are some wonderful guests on the show: new publishers, convention organizers, industry experts, and publishing directors for some of the biggest companies in the space. Happy listening! & enjoy!