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Hey all. I launched this to Amazon yesterday and it's gonna be completely free until Sunday the 16th. I'm a creative professional with over a decade of experience, but for a long time I struggled with my client proposals. Let's face it, they're not the most fun you can have with a computer. I knew I wasn't the only creative that felt the same. After all, losing out on cool projects is never a nice feeling... Fast forward a few years and lots of wins and losses, and I founded my own proposal based Startup (Nusii), increased my personal proposal acceptance rate to a comfy 92%, and helped scores of other creative professionals do the same. This decade of learning is summarized in, The Creative Professional's Guide to Better Proposals. There are featured interviews with some of the industry's top creatives and even a guest chapter from Jonathan Stark and Philip Morgan. Like I said, it's free to download from Amazon until Sunday 16th, so hurry! Good luck Nathan PS. Any questions, just leave a comment.
@nathanpowell76 standard question: what tools did you use to create the book? ;)
@mijustin Funny you should ask, I had a bit of a nightmare in that department :) I got all clever and wrote the book in Markdown, thinking it would be lovely and clean. Then I decided it might be nice to try an online ebook creator which required a Google Drive file. Unfortunately it didn't work, so I had to export to Word, make some edits and promise myself not to tell anyone that I had used Word ;) So, long story short, the final version ended up being a 'Save for Web' from Word and uploading the files Amazon KDP. A little messy.
Awesome book - thanks! ..and love the look of Nusii!
@wrightph Thanks a lot Phil. I hope you get plenty out of it. And feel free to drop by Nusii any time!