The Creative Class

A well-designed class every freelancer should take

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This online class (or course) is perfect if you're a freelancer or work with clients. There's no filler, no frills, and it's extremely well designed. There's some solid practical advice about defining an audience and creating processes that work for how you work. Been through the entire class myself and it's worth every single penny!
@pjrvs knocked it out of the park on this one (I know he doesn't watch sports!) The class was great and then a few weeks later he introduced a Slack team with all the people who took the course. That team has proven to be a daily source of information exchanges between freelancers. All freelancers out there need to check this course out.
Thanks Jason! I created this course for freelancers because I wanted others to be able to benefit from systems that myself and other freelancers use to focus on the creative stuff and not the admin/selling stuff. The course isn't setup so folks can MAKE THE MOST MONEY or SUCCEED GUARANTEED, it's just an in-depth look at some tasks and items that, when done right, can help freelancers do better. Any hoo - that's the course! I hope the right people enjoy it. And any questions, just let me know, I've been on this site for a while :) Paul Jarvis
Paul Jarvis writes awesome books and delivers an amazing message. Paul is honest and helpful in everything he does. This course is at least 12% better than any college class you will ever take.
@matt_jared AWESOME! My goal was 11.4%, so that's .6% greater than that!
"It's the dogs bollox" (In the UK that means good) ;-)