The Craft

Spellbinding marketing newsletter by Nichole, Violeta & Kiki

The Craft is no longer available. Thanks so much to everyone who supported us.

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Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré, Violeta Nedkova, and I are excited to collaborate on a marketing newsletter that will be sent bimonthly (2x/month). The free preview is now available, and subscription is $5/month. It includes book recommendations, data visualizations, article curation and more--check out this week's article, too. (As a Product Hunter, you might find it very interesting! 😉)
Hi all! Excited to launch a 2x month marketing newsletter with Kiki and Violeta. Please let us know if you have any questions!
Wow! A curated newsletter from some of the best marketers in the game. Great job! How did you arrive at a bi-monthly publication as opposed to a weekly?
@ryabrams Hi Ryan, thanks so much! Arrived at twice a month because it gives us more time to make each newsletter that much better. 😊
@ryabrams whoops, sorry, directed that incorrectly. --but I should say: thank you! :)
This looks promising. I even got the CC from my walled to purchase this, but... Stopped when i saw that you're asking for credit card details on a NON-HTTPS page. You should really fix this. It's a huge security gap.
@amvlad Thanks! We're on it.
@amvlad We switched the site to https, but we were using Stripe's API (which uses https) so previous payments were not at risk --thank you for the feedback, we should have put their logo or something to denote the security precautions we'd taken.
@amvlad Alin, thanks for pointing this out! This is now fixed.
Awesome stuff! @v4violetta 😻💕