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A crowdsourced directory of resources to ease the crisis 🌎

The COVID Pages are the yellowpages for the COVID crisis. Find resources, share reviews, and help save the world with us.
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Hi folks! It's me, serial maker @matteing back with another thing! This time, it's one that aims to help a situation that is currently touching all of us: the COVID-19 crisis. I felt powerless, like I had no idea how to help the current crisis. So I decided to do something about it: do what I do best, make products! πŸ‘€ Find products that help you stay safe, go remote, and much more The COVID Pages allow you to find products that help ease the pains of the current situation. You can find products and even comment on them to share what you think. πŸ”₯ It's crowdsourced Got a resource to share? Hit the big yellow button up top and add it! πŸ’š Handmade in 12 hours, with much love The COVID-19 Pages were built LIVE on Twitch and are open source! Thanks folks, and I hope you like this ship. Launch tweet here!
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@matteing Great work Sergio! Really encouraging to see such quick response from maker community to the #covid19 pandemic.
Yes my man! Amazing!
This is brilliant Sergio, there is definitely a need with all these Covid related apps coming out.
Turbo Sergio πŸ”₯ great effort by completing it in 13hrs
@jp1016v1 Thank youuu