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How does The Counterpart work? Upon signing up, you'll be asked to answer five simple questions. The answers to those questions are not published or shared anywhere, but they are used to create your unique reader profile. Every fortnight we'll send you recent news and opinion articles which challenge your political/social/economic profile. The idea being that by reading articles outside of our own echo chamber can help us understand each other more and broaden our respective horizons.
Useful. Signing up!
Great idea, we all need to be challenged a little, instead of just reading stuff that re-enforces our beliefs!
Newletter...? I would've liked it more if it was an online curated news reader of sorts. Or a mobile app perhaps. Still, signed-up because I like the concept.
@vicky_buddie Thanks. This is the first iteration, if it goes down well I'll definitely consider an online version.
Time to get our my "fake" news bubble! πŸ’ͺ🏾 Excited to receive my first edition...i've tried to hack this in the past but have yet to find an optimal solution. πŸ€” How do you go about the creation? what sources do you curate from?