The Coronavirus shopping list generator

Rational shopping while everybody else is going nuts

#4 Product of the DayMarch 23, 2020
Make rational shopping decisions while everybody else is freaking out and hoard toilet paper. Select the number of people, the quarantine length, pick your diet, and get a shopping list.
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Good idea! I'm not a nutricionist myself but I live with one and based on our shopping I'd say you're missing veggies and fruit in that list. We've bought a lot of veggies (brocolli, pepers, onions...) and prepared mixed bags that can be frozen so they dont get rotten. I'd also add some canned food (tuna, sardines...) as those last forever.
@uf4no thank you for suggestions, I definitely have to add fruits and canned food. I just need to think how to calculate them. I added veggies into the meals category, but I didn't explain well what does this mean. I guess I have to add better descriptions as well. Thanks again 👍
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@uf4no @kossnocorp I appreciate the effort—don't get me wrong—but this is a very sensitive topic, you're dealing with someone's health... before putting things like this out there you better make sure it's safe in case someone takes it seriously and it turns out it was wrong when it's the least needed.
@uf4no @robinraszka no worries. What kind of issues do you envision?
@uf4no @kossnocorp Running out of essentials, while in lockdown.
🦠 I, with my wife and friend, stuck in the epicenter of the European Coronavirus outbreak. France, where we are right now, just declared an emergency, so now we forced to stay at home. 🛒 We had to stock on products but didn't want to contribute to the panic, so I decided to make a shopping list generator that will produce an adequate menu. 👋 I need your help! Please help me to improve the generator, tell me what I have to add to it!
That is a very British list you have there.
?makers where is the alcohol section for the single adults out there :D. Option for wine, beer, liquor (if you're into that)